Episode 5: Leah Cevoli on Auditions from Home, Crowdfunding, and Bags2Masks

Actress/Producer Leah Cevoli speaks about socially distanced casting calls, how she's getting professional level audio for voice-over work, and utilizing your resources and community. She also speaks about how to prepare your next crowd funding campaign now and why it's important to gauge your network. It's fine to crowdfund for timely projects giving back, like Bags2Masks, but now is probably not the time to launch a campaign for your passion project.  


A Little More About Leah:

Actress/Producer Leah Cevoli, is a multi-talented entertainment professional whose work stretches across many genres. A rock ‘n roll enthusiast, body image activist, and fan of all things horror, Leah's acting credits include appearances on high profile tv shows like HBO’s Deadwood, and voiceover on the Cartoon Network hit, Robot Chicken.
Leah is a contributing writer for MsInTheBiz.com, and the founder of AllShapesAndSizesWelcome.com: a travelling group of women who speak at conventions nationwide on the topic of self-love, body image, and eating disorders.
Leah has a reputation for crowdfunding success and social media magic.  To date, her company, GreenlightYourPassionProject.com has managed 50+ campaigns, and have been instrumental in raising over $5,000,000 for indie projects.  


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